Certified Billing Consulting

Certified Billing Consulting

Certified Billing Consulting is led by an experienced team of experts specializing in healthcare billing for a variety of agency types including, but not limited to Home Health Care, Transportation, Group Adult Foster Care, Adult Foster Care and Adult Day Care Agencies. Our billing process and consulting services are streamlined and without error leaving you and your staff with the time to focus on business operations. Have peace of mind in knowing that your billing company has more than 18 years of billing experience and over 10 years of experience operating the same types of agencies they serve.

We take pride in avoiding insurance denials so we review, extract and electronically submit your agency’s weekly charges from your agency’s software or from a list of patients and dates of service, if that is what you prefer.


Why choose Certified Billing Consulting?

Certified Billing Consulting services include Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Insurance Billing. Our services lead to reduced denials, reduced stress and increased profitability. We are accurate, knowledgeable and more cost effective than our competition. Your time is valuable and billing errors can cause you thousands. Trust the company 100’s have come to for their startup, accreditation and recertification needs. With more than 18 years of billing experience, our management team can get you started the right way. Not only will you be reimbursed on a timely basis, but we also ensure that you are able to collect all that is owed to you.

We are not going to offer you training only to complicate the billing process, or make promises we cannot keep. WE ARE going to offer you the lowest rate you will find and our staff will work with your team to assure we have everything we need from you to assure your billing success. Call us today at (844) 715-4440 for a hassle free consultation. We are looking for lifetime business partners as we believe our rates and quality give you the control and freedom to focus on the many other aspects of your agency’s management needs.